Company Information

“Global Auto Parts Supplier”with a salient presence in both the domestic and global industries.

Starting from the production of interior goods for the Pony in 1972, Hanil E-Hwa has become a company that specializes in door trims, head lining, covering shelves, package trays, screen assemblies and pillar trims.

It has solidified its place in the global market through aggressive overseas investment even during the Asian Financial Crisis. It has also been recognized for its high quality products and advanced technology by obtaining the ‘Grand Quality 5 Star’ in 2011. This was the result of rigorous quality control with the determination to supply top quality products to customers.

Our company is devoted to securing competitiveness through technological innovation. With excellent researchers, and proactive investment in R&D, it is equipped with up-to-date facilities to conduct research on product design, material development, and assessment.

Hanil E-Hwa invests its utmost efforts into becoming the “Global Auto Parts Supplier,” with a renowned status in the global arena as well as in Korea, based on customer-satisfaction through creative management that respects humanity.


Hanil E-Hwa embraces new challenges with innovation and passion!

After establishing more than 10 overseas corporations since its foundation in 1972, Hanil E-Hwaour company has been developed as a global auto parts supplier whose driving force of development is the spirit of challenge and steady technological development.

Hanil E-Hwa will continue to develop as a leading global auto parts supplier by meeting new challenges with endless passion. It will lead the future of auto parts technology by securing the top competitiveness.

Thank you.

Chairman Ryu Yang Seok


Sep. 2015 Won Gold Medal at 41st National Quality Team Competition
Jul. 2015 Won 2015 Digital Vehicle Development Competition
Apr. 2015 Obtained New Technology (NET) Certification
Dec. 2014 Designated 2014 Great Work Place Award
Dec. 2014 Obtained HKMC Quality/Technology/Delivery 5 Star
Nov. 2014 Hanil Slovakia Won 2014 Slovakia National Quality Award
Oct. 2014 Established Hanil Automotive Mexico
Sep. 2014 Won Industrial Innovation 3.0 Excellent Sponsor Award
Aug. 2014 Won Gold Medal at 40th National Quality Team Competition
Jul. 2014 Spin-Off, Seoyon (Holding Company) / Hanil E-Hwa
Jun. 2014 Won 2014 Korean Creative Economy Award (Creative Management)
Apr. 2014 Obtained New Technology (NET) Certification
Mar. 2014 Won 2014 Korean Creative Management (Global Management) Award
Dec. 2013 Obtained AEO(Export) Certification
Dec. 2013 Won 2013 CEO of the Year Award (Global Management)
Dec. 2013 Won 2014 Korean CEO Leadership Award (Quality Management)
Dec. 2013 Won ‘Neighbourly Love’ Philanthropy Group Award
Oct. 2013 Designated as Excellent Social Reponsibility Corporation (L-CSRI)
Oct. 2013 Won Presidential Award at the National Quality Control Team Competition
Oct. 2013 Obtained OHSAS 18001 Certification
Nov. 2012 Won Export Tower Award of 4 hundred million dollars
Nov. 2012 Designated as Quality Competitive Company for 7 consecutive years (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
Jan. 2012 Obtained the H/KMC Grand Quality 5-star
Nov. 2011 Won Export Tower Award of 3 hundred million dollars
Oct. 2011 Designated as Quality Competitive Company for 6 consecutive years (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
Jun. 2011 Obtained H/KMC 5-Star for Quality/Technology/Delivery (12 consecutive years)
Dec. 2010 Obtained New Technology (NET) Certification
Nov. 2010 Obtained the Slovakian National Quality Award (Hanil E-Hwa Slovakia
Nov. 2010 Won the Knowledge & Economy Minister Award for Man of Merit at the National Quality Management Match
Nov. 2010 Won Presidential Award in case study field at the National Quality Control Team Competition
Oct. 2010 Designated as Quality Competitive Company for 5 consecutive years (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
Aug. 2010 Established Hanil India R&D Center (India)
Jun. 2010 Won 5 Stars for HMC/KMC Quality/Technology/Delivery (11 consecutive years)
Apr. 2010 Established German R&D Office
Apr. 2010 Established Hanil E-Hwa Interior Systems Georgia Inc. (United States)
Feb. 2010 Established Liaoning Hanil Jinxing Automotive Seat Co., Ltd. (China)
Jan. 2010 Established Hanil Interior do Brazil


- Realization of customer-satisfaction through creative management that respects humanity.
- Global Auto Parts Supplier TOP 50
- MARU50 (More Advanced, Reasonable and Unique)


Corporate Identity


The logo of Hanil E-Hwa, an automotive total interior company, consists of five diamonds, and each contains its unique meaning.

They represent harmony, value realization, best quality (customer-satisfaction), trust, and human respect, in the order of left-top to right-bottom. It means that Hanil E-Hwa manufactures the final product with harmony, value realization, human respect, trust.

The overall diamond shape means that the company manufactures the best quality products in all aspects, much like the diamond, the most beautiful and valuable form both vertically and horizontally.

To grow as a worldwide automotive interior company, the logo represents the future of Hanil E-Hwa, with customer satisfaction as its top priority.

Basic Structure

Horizontally and vertically symmetrical
Ratio of length and width shall be 2.5:1

Space Rule

No graphic element may invade the prescribed margin.

Korean left and right combination
Korea-English mix left and right combination
Korean top and bottom combination

Color Standards

The logo color, which plays an important role in conveying the company image, shall be restricted to the prescribed color for unity.
- C5 M15 Y100 KO
- R245 G208 B16
- C100 M99 Y26 K45
- R25 G20 B76
- C76 M67 Y67 K88
- R4 G6 B6